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By completing the registration form, you agree to the following:


I agree to the legal release, rules and regulations, and I confirm that I am authorized to act as a representative for the organization listed, and that I and the organization have read, understood, and agreed to abide by any and all rules and regulations put forth by Milwaukee Pride Parade Inc. I also, on behalf of my organization, agree to forever hold harmless and agree to never legally pursue the Milwaukee Pride Parade Inc., or any of its agents, due to damages: legal, monetary, or otherwise, for any reason. I also agree to be contacted by Milwaukee Pride Parade via email for registration confirmations, notifications and future parade information.


*Your entry will not be accepted unless both a payment and the registration form have been completed and received by the Milwaukee Pride Parade.

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Parade Guidelines


For all units, with exception of Non-Profit Organizations, the parade entry fee must be paid when you submit the parade application. The application is due by May 14 and a processing fee of $20 will be applied if your application or payment is received after this date. If your application is received after May 31, an additional $15 processing fee will be assessed. For all units which provide documentation of their groups Non-Profit status the entry fees shall be $10.00.  If your Non-Profit entry is received after May 14, the entry shall be subject to an additional $25 processing fee (total of $35.00).

In order to qualify for non-profit entry rates please submit any and all pertinent documentation to prove such. Upon receiving your application a representative will inform you of your applications status and whether or not you have been accepted as a bona fide non-profit organization. If you have any questions regarding this process or to check on your organizations application status please feel free to email

A returned check fee of twenty-five dollars ($25) will be assessed for any and all returned checks. Signs and/or banners containing the names, logos, or other representations of groups or businesses that have not paid an entry fee for the parade will not be allowed in the parade. No group or business will be exempt from the entry fee(s). All organizations, groups, vehicles, and the like shall be considered "units" and through these rules will be referred to as such. All units will respect the rights of other units to participate in the parade. The parade coordinator shall approve all handouts and/or giveaways on a case by case basis. These handouts/giveaways must be approved before the parade date and will not be permitted if they are presented for approval on the day of the parade. In addition, only what types, and numbers, of vehicles and people described on your application will be allowed in the staging area.

Do not park in the line up area prior to 12 p.m. on the day of the parade. If your vehicle is parked in the staging area before this time you may be removed from the parade or have your vehicle ticketed or towed.

All vehicles that are going to be in the parade must provide proof of valid insurance for that vehicle prior to being allowed entrance into the staging area. Any vehicles without proof of valid insurance will be denied entry into the parade.



Parade staff urges you to use good judgment when representing your unit or speaking with other units, however the following regulations must be complied with.

No alcoholic beverages or drug use will be permitted. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or illicit illegal drugs during line up or the actual parade is grounds for immediate expulsion from the event.

No animals will be allowed in the parade without approval by the parade coordinator.

No signs, banners, or groups promoting or showing profanity, sexual acts, or obscene material will be permitted.

All state and local ordinances regarding nudity will be strictly enforced. All costumes and other apparel worn during the parade (during lineup or the actual parade) must comply with the obscenity statutes of the State of Wisconsin as well as the public decency ordinances of the City of Milwaukee. No jockstraps, G-strings, bras, or panties will be permitted to appear in the parade, also no "see-thru" clothing will be permitted. As an example, any person wearing chaps will be required to have jeans or other suitable attire under the chaps to prevent public viewing of parts of the anatomy which violates State of Wisconsin obscenity laws. All decisions as to the propriety of attire to be worn in the parade will be made by the parade coordinator.

It is the responsibility of any entrant to help remove unit(s) that become disabled immediately. If you are unsure about your own unit, please plan ahead for any towing needs you may have. Any fees associated with towing, repairing, and tickets issued by law enforcement agencies for abandoned vehicles will be the responsibility of the entrant. The Milwaukee Pride Parade is not responsible for any damage to any unit before, during, or after the parade.

At no time shall any units willfully endanger the safety of themselves, other units, spectators, or parade staff and volunteers.

All units agree to follow the direction(s) of the Milwaukee Pride Parade Coordinators, Milwaukee Pride Parade Security, and the Milwaukee Police Department at all times.

Entrants are responsible for the set-up and clean up of their unit before and after the parade.

Milwaukee Pride Parade reserves the right to change and amend these, and any other, rules and regulations which govern the parade at any time with or without public notification.

Applications are subject to approval by the Milwaukee Pride Parade. Milwaukee Pride Parade reserves the right to reject any application it believes would be inappropriate given the nature of the event.

The throwing of objects is NOT permitted under any circumstance.

Any parade unit found in violation of theses rules and regulations can and will be ejected from the event.

All registered units must be in their designated line-up position(s) by 1:30pm on parade day. At this time the parade's judges will be walking through the line-up area for a preview of all the units.

Any units not registered by 1:30 p.m. will be removed from any and all judging forms in order to facilitate judging during the parade.

All motorized units will be required to show proof of insurance upon registration. All entrants must show a valid proof of insurance card to Milwaukee Pride Parade Staff in order to begin placing your unit in the line-up area. Any motorized unit without proof of insurance will not be allowed in the line-up area(s) and will not be allowed in the parade.

At no time, and for no circumstance, shall a unit stop in or along the parade route once the unit has stepped off, with exception to the direction of Milwaukee Pride Parade Staff or Milwaukee Police Officers or in the event of an emergency of any kind.

Each approved unit application shall allow 2 (two) motorized vehicles to enter the Parade Grounds. Additional vehicle passes may be purchased at a cost of $25.00 per vehicle. Vehicle is defined as a 2, or more, axel-ed motorized machine. Motorcycle units are exempt from this rule.

Upon completion of the parade route all motorized units must adhere to normal traffic laws.  This includes not standing, hanging out of, or riding a vehicle in anyway not conforming with the manufacturer's guidelines.

Upon completion of the parade follow parade staff instructions for parking.  Units not requiring a police escort must park legally outside of the parade boundaries.

Upon completion of the parade all pedestrian members of a unit must move to the sidewalk or other legally designated pedestrian area.  Do not congregate or breakdown your unit in the road!

Any unit wishing to participate in the police escort returning to the staging must conform to the following: no music, no standing and no throwing of items will be tolerated.  The escort is not a second parade.

All motorized units participating in the police escort must keep their respective driver(s) near the vehicle ready to drive within a few minutes notice.  It is further advised that all units should keep their respective riders near their units prior to the police escorts departure.